Grounding Roots Coffee

Rich tonifying herbal coffee alternative !

Deeply grounding earthy roots coffee. With roasted dandelion and chicory roots infused with nourishing superfoods, tonifying superherbs and immunity mushrooms.

  • Tonifying Roots: Dandelion root, Chicory root, Beet root
  • Immune supportive Medicinal Mushrooms: Reishi, Chaga and  Lions Main
  • Nourishing superfoods: Maca Root and Lucuma Fruit
  • Adaptogenic superherb: Astragalus Root


  • Roasted roots extract blend ( Dandelion Root, Chicory Root, Beet Root, Rye & Barley Seed ), Maca root, Lucuma fruit, Reishi, Wild Chaga, Lions Main, Astragalus Root



Instant Herbal Elixir Anywhere


Instant ROOTS Coffee Elixir ready in seconds : just add hot liquid !

Great for your adventurous life on the go : at work, on the road, traveling, ceremonies, holidays, gatherings, camping, hiking etc.

Also amazing in smoothies, dirty chai, energy balls, chocolates, desserts. puddings..

Enjoy a rich Roots Coffee and support your immune system at the same time! Naturally energizing with adaptogenic mushrooms and nourishing superfoods!

GROUNDED Mushroom Roots Coffee is made with:

  • Tonifying Roots: Dandelion root, Chicory root, Astragalus Root, Beet root
  • Immune supportive medicinal mushrooms: Reishi, Chaga, Lions Main
  • Nourishing Superfoods: Maca Root & Lucuma Fruit

Dandelion Root, Chicory Root, Beet Root, Rye & Barley Seed, Maca root, Lucuma fruit, 8:1 Duel Mushroom Extracts: (Reishi Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Lions Main Mushroom), Astragalus Root Extract (10:1).

Crafted in Love and Gratitude!

  • Roasted roots coffee base is not Certified organic, but IS grown using clean sustainable farming practices.

Learn More about the Empowering benefits of our Ingredients!

Preparation Instructions:

  • Add 1 tsp powder (or more for stronger)
  • Add 8 oz Hot Milk of Choice and / or Water
  • Add Sweetener to your taste
  • Stir, Shake or Blend Until Smooth & Enjoy !

* For an extra creamy rich elixir try adding a tbsp. of: Coconut Oil or Ghee and mix in the blender till frothy

Instant Preparation:


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 30 cm

50g (25 cups, $0.59/cup), 1 lb (227 cups, $0.39/cup), 1 kg (500 cups, $0.37/cup), 6 x 50g (box), 12 x 50g (box)