Wholesale Information

We offer all of our Elixir Drink Mixes & Medicinal Mushrooms in bulk for cafe’s, Restaurants, Bulk Sales. Perfect for Community Bulk Food Groups, Catering & Event Kiosks, Business and Corporate Events.

All order over $300 get a 30% from retail price Wholesale Member discount.

Minimum Order

Bulk Sizes
1 lb to 1 kilo

Retail Boxes
Full (12 units) or half (6 units)

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Benefits of offering our elixirs

  • Offers a unique & vibrant diversity to your drink menu
  • Will distinguish your cafe from the rest
  • Offering a valuable educational and inspiring experience to your clients
  • Contributing to healthy alternative for the health and longevity to your community
  • A fun & delicious way to add more Superfoods and immune supportive herbs in your daily flow, Instantly!

Prints included in your Bulk Order

  • Informative Herb Poster
  • Amour Toniques Cards & Flyer
  • Eye-Catching Window Stickers
  • Amour Toniques Banner
  • “How to use” Poster for Customers


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Sizes offered & Cost Per Cup

Masala Chai, Super Food Coffee, Roots Coffee

SizeCups per sizeCost per cup
(retail size)
25 0.41 (wholesale)
0.59 (retail price)
2270.30 (wholesale)
0.44 (retail price)
5000.29 (wholesale)
0.39 (retail price)

Drinking Chocolate

SizeCups per sizeCost per cup
(retail size)
5$2.09 (wholesale)
$2.99 (retail price)
25$1.59 (wholesale)
$2.40 (retail price)
55$1.44 (wholesale)
$2 (retail price)

HOW TO MAKE ~ Drinking Chocolate ~ With Espresso Machine