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Sustainably cultivate your Energy, Immunity and Clarity with a daily dose of herbal medicine in your favorite drink Instantly!

Our Instant Botanical Elixirs, are herbal drink blends that are infused with Nourishing Superfoods, Immune & Adrenal Supportive Botanicals and Medicinal Mushrooms. Learn more about our Botanical Elixir Alchemy.

Where can I buy Amour Toniques products ?

You can buy all our available products online by visiting the online store. You can also visit our lovely community shops and cafés and buy the products in different locations in Québec. Find out who is offering our products locally on our Where to buy page.

We also offer our instant elixirs during different events like festivals and public markets. Stay informed by following us on Facebook !


Amour Toniques Kiosk

Wholesale Information

We offer all of our Elixir Drink Mixes & Medicinal Mushrooms in bulk for cafe’s, Restaurants, Bulk Sales. Perfect for Community Bulk Food Groups, Catering & Event Kiosks, Business and Corporate Events.

Our Instant Elexir Drinks offers a unique & vibrant diversity to your drink menu and will help distinguish your cafe from the others. Our products offer a valuable educational and inspiring experience to your clients while contributing to healthy alternative for the health and longevity of your community.I

It is also a fun & delicious way to add more SuperFoods and immune supportive herbs in your daily flow, Instantly!


Wholesale Information

Preparing a delicious Hot Instant Elixir

Preparing our Instant Drinks is very simple, in most cases you simply have to mix and stir and the magic happens ! Our instant drinks can be prepared in different innovative ways as in smoothies, cold teas and recipes.


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