Elixir’s Demystified


Why put superfoods and herbs

in your coffee, hot cocoa or chai?

Our alchemical philosophy

of herbal elixirs

Were simply stacking herbal medicine functions. By harnessing the power of stimulating herbs as the perfect herbal delivery system. The stimulating herbs (Coffee, Cacao, Chai spices) that help open the energy paths and dilate the body to boost the absorbability of the other infused herbs and mushroom’s in the blend. In the end, you are enjoying an epic elixir that is delicious and feels amazing!





Chocolate (theobromine), Coffee (caffeine), Masala Chai warming spices cause’s our blood vessels to expand and dilate ( this is called vasodilation). Which means our bodies are open for receiving herbal medicines more efficiently. Because of this, we choose to use these herbal stimulants as catalysts or delivery vehicles to h elp boost the absorption and assimilation of the infused Immune and adrenal supportive herbs and mushrooms and nourishing superfoods, as was done since antiquity.


Herbal delivery system

Herbal Speedball







Is mixing a herbal stimulant (Coffee or Chocolate, Chai spices) with a relaxing rejuvenating herb (like Reishi or Ashwagandha). The effect of a stimulating herb matched with a relaxing herb is known to have a balancing effect, an energized and clear but calm feeling. Our elixirs are designed with this technique in mind and heart!


Is adding Grass fed butter or Ghee or Coconut oil and or MCT oil (mct = medium chain triglycerides, from coconut &/or palm oil ) to your coffee and blending till emulsified. The results are supposedly a more sustaining coffee experience by stabilizing the caffeine hit, for mental clarity and eases the stimulating extremes and crash. As well as helps encourage weight loss.

Bulletproof is a new name for an old tradition:

Butter has been added to Coffee since the 9th century in ethiopia and in the cold high mountains of tibet, Yak butter tea is drunk as a rejuvinationg brew.

Bulletproof Coffee (or Hot Cocoa, Chai)

*We recommend bulletproofing your elixirs for optimum energetic sustainability, flavor and nervous system nourishment.