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Our Instant Drink Blends are suited for an infinite number of applications, including:

  • ~ Natural Food Stores: In small bags or in the bulk section for amateurs.
  • ~ Cafe’s & Restaurants: Add an elixir drink menu and watch the magic that follows, your customers will be delighted. As an add-on sale, small bags are perfect!
  • ~ Yoga Studio’s, Spas & Retreat Centers: In addition to enhancing a moment of relaxation with pleasure and comfort, our elixirs are great for circulation, detox, and adaptability.
  • ~ Business and Corporate Events: A great way to provide energy, focus and inspiration for your teams. Easy to make, just scoop, stir, and enjoy.
  • ~ Student cafés: A quick and easy way to offer students a healthy alternative that promotes focus and creativity.

Contact us to know which package could be best for your business.

Benefits of offering our elixirs

  • ~ Offers a unique & vibrant diversity to your drink menu. What distinguishes your cafe from the others?
  • ~ Will distinguish your cafe from the rest, by having a unique elixir menu for more and more health conscious clients.
  • ~ Offering a valuable educational and inspiring experience to your clients, helping your clients discover new wellness supportive herbs and mushrooms.
  • ~ Contributing to a healthy alternative for the health and longevity of your community.
  • ~ A fun & delicious way to add more superfoods and immune supportive herbs in your daily flow, Instantly!

Downloadable files for using on your website, social media or printed out :

  • Product labels poster
  • Elixir Menu
  • Herb poster
  • Sold here poster
  • Served here poster
  • Enjoy elixirs anywhere poster
  • How to make elixirs poster
  • How to prepare chaga mushroom poster
  • Also try our elixirs in ~ poster
  • Smart coffee product poster
  • Roots coffee product poster
  • Adapt hot cocoa product poster
  • Focus tonic chai product poster
  • Chaga chai product poster
  • Golden chai product poster
  • Chaga ~ mushroom coffee product poster
  • Fair exchange, Eco grown, 5% Permaculture fund symbols
  • Logo in Cup
  • Scoop ~ Stir ~ Sip Symbols
  • Amour Tonic elixirs Logo (white on black)
  • Amour Tonic elixirs Logo (white backround)
  • Amour Tonic elixirs Logo (gray scale)

Wholesale Price List

(-35% from retail price)

Package size (gr)
Number per box
Wholesale Price
SRP/Retail Price

Smart Coffee – Immunity50g6×9,75$58,50$14,99
Smart Coffee – Immunity50g12×9,75$117,00$14,99
Smart Coffee – Immunity454g1$58,47$89,99
Smart Coffee – Immunity1000g1$123,45$189,99
Roots Coffee – Grounding50g6×9,75$58,50$14,99
Roots Coffee – Grounding50g12×9,75$117,00$14,99
Roots Coffee – Grounding454g1$58,47$89,99
Roots Coffee – Grounding1000g1$123,45$189,99
Hot Cocoa – Adapt50g6×9,75$58,50$14,99
Hot Cocoa – Adapt50g12×9,75$117,00$14,99
Hot Cocoa – Adapt454g1$58,47$89,99
Hot Cocoa – Adapt1000g1$123,45$189,99
Golden Milk Chaï – Yoga50g6×9,75$58,50$14,99
Golden Milk Chaï – Yoga50g12×9,75$117,00$14,99
Golden Milk Chaï – Yoga454g1$58,47$89,99
Golden Milk Chaï – Yoga1000g1$123,45$189,99
Tonic Chaï – Focus50g6×9,75$58,50$14,99
Tonic Chaï – Focus50g12×9,75$117,00$14,99
Tonic Chaï – Focus454g1$58,47$89,99
Tonic Chaï – Focus1000g1$123,45$189,99
Chaga Chaï – Magical50g6×9,75$58,50$14,99
Chaga Chaï – Magical50g12×9,75$117,00$14,99
Chaga Chaï – Magical454g1$58,47$89,99
Chaga Chaï – Magical1000g1$123,45$189,99
Mushroom Coffee Chaga – Harmonize50g6×7,80$46,80$11,99
Mushroom Coffee Chaga – Harmonize50g12×7,80$93,60$11,99
Mushroom Coffee Chaga – Harmonize454g1$38,99$59,95
Mushroom Coffee Chaga – Harmonize1000g1$77,99$119,95

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