Cacao as Medicine? What Is Cacao? Is It really a superfood?

Cacao as medicine and Cacao Beans potential health benefits. The raw Cacao bean is a Superstar of the “superfoods” due to its high mineral content and wide array of unique properties. And may be exceptionally high in chromium, iron, theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, Omega-6 fatty acids and much more.

  • One of the highest foods in antioxidants – (which protect us from oxidation and degeneration)
  • High in Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes, Phytonutrients and neurotransmitters
  • Contains over 300 phytochemicals (one of the most complex botanical’s studied in science)
  • One of the highest foods in magnesium
  • Prebiotic (helps proliferate beneficial bacteria in our gut= brain gut access health)
  • MAO (monoamine oxydase) Inhibitor (allows more medicine to enter the body)
  • Enhances healthy regulation of blood sugar
  • Tonifies the three treasures in the Chinese medicine system – Jing – Essence, Qi – Energy, Shen- Spirit
  • Heart tonic, circulation and overall inspired bliss state of being


Contains Neurotransmitters including :

Tryptophan (our internal intelligent communication system), Serotonin (well being), Melatonin (calming), Dopamine (pleasure), Anandamide (Blissful feeling), DMT (Heightened attentiveness), Tryptamines (mind altering states), PEA (Love Chemical, Romantic euphoria).

“Refocusing our relationship from chocolate as a sweet or candy, back to a revered potent botanical medicine!”

Wild Cacao may carry novel information and complex phytochemical’s, impart by the pristine ecosystems they grow and the respectful care and intentions they are shown.

With an intentional focus and balanced consumption, Cacao can open us up into blissful states of being were healing therapies may take place. Cacao offers a rich and clear stimulating effect. At the same time, offering a calming contented bliss feeling, inviting us to a ceremonial state of being. Helping us to connect with others and ourselves in deep intentional ways.

Cacao is a very effective vehicle and catalyst for delivering tonifying, regenerative, adaptogenic ,medicinal mushrooms and botanicals. It also acts as a vasodilator (which expands blood vessels) and naturally increases the effectiveness and absorption of other infused ingredients.

What a blessing to have our daily dose of medicine in a blissful flavorful magical experience!

Chocolate is an ideal vehicle for delivering plant and fungal medicines into your body, here’s two reasons:

People will eat and praise their "herbal & fungal medicine" with committed dedication when infused in delicious chocolate.
Chocolate is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, and helps deliver the botanical medicine into the body very effectively and efficiently.

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