About Us & Our Story

Our Team

Always passionate about health and advocating personal care, we want to work for the betterment of people and the planet. For a few years, we have been very interested in mushrooms both from a taste point of view and for their therapeutic effects. Frequent travelers, we like to discover the world and what each culture can teach us about the traditional use of the treasures of Nature. Everything was there to make Amour Tonic and us a great love story!

Julie is trained in economics, was a business analyst for various companies and has carried out mandates in Western Canada, in the United States and in France. She took an orientation on the person by doing her massage therapy training. This is where she developed her passion for people and her balance. Outstanding organizer, she excelled in her different mandates for different organizations. Involved in her community, she has been deeply involved in her children's school as a member of the Governing Board and as Chair of the Board of Directors. She was also on the secondary development committee for Montessori Orford School, which is now the only secondary school in Canada located in a national park. As an entrepreneur, she has been actively developing PRELEV for more than five years.

Monia is trained in applied physics and management. Director of a pharmacy for more than 20 years, she has toured the different aspects of running a business. Co-owner of PRELEV, she lives the challenges of being an entrepreneur and has been doing business mentoring for more than 10 years in the cell of Sherbrooke Innopole. Like Julie, she got involved in her community by investing in her children's school as a member of the School Council and as Chair of the Board of Directors and was a member of the development committee of the secondary component of the Montessori Orford school.

Our Vision

Is to gracefully revolutionize café culture by infusing Immune supportive herbal medicines into delicious super herbal elixirs. As well as to popularize ancestral herbal medicines through empowering educational media and delicious, consciously crafted herbal elixirs, that are easily integrated into every lifestyle flow

Permaculture fundraising

We are so grateful for every elixir purchase as it is bringing magical herbs and mushrooms into your life as well as it’s helping realize our Permaculture Sanctuary. 5% of Net Profit of every sale is upcycled to fund the establishment of our diverse multigenerational permaculture sanctuaries. Which helps diversify the local ecosystems with an abundance of novel genetics to help adapt to the changing climate and offers long term plant and fungi food/medicine security. Our living nursery gardens of Superherbs, Superfoods and Mushroom genetics are a living library to preserve, propagate and share. Offering seasonal ceremonies and educational workshops for many generations to learn and thrive in abundance. Our permaculture homestead is being co-created in the northern appalachian mountains of Quebec. As well as other locations most likely in South America, which will come in the near future.

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