Good to taste ... good for you!

Health in a cup

We developed some instant blends with one goal in mind: so they would be delicious and perfect for supporting health. Our elixirs are all composed of extracts of medicinal mushrooms, different plants used in traditional medicines and superfoods. These natural wonders are recognized by ancestral cultures as important allies for health and vitality.

Pleasure and health, zero compromise!


Our products according to their benefits

One of the main reasons for creating our products was to create elixirs that combine superfoods, adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushroom extracts that support the body in multiple ways.


An efficient and balanced defense system is the key to strong health! Our elixirs include, among others, chaga, reishi and astragalus root which are known to support vital health functions. These extraordinary gifts of Nature are known to support the immune system and allow it to adapt to the various stressful situations to which it is subjected.

Mental Clarity

A good ability to concentrate and a good memory are essential qualities for living a rich and fulfilling life. Sometimes they end up being strained by everyday life. One of our ingredients, Lion’s mane, has undeniable qualities to support the brain. Combined with reishi, chaga and maca which are known to support mental vitality as well as general vitality, we find that together they make a powerful association!


When stress is too much, you must give yourself the tools to achieve a state of calm and tranquility. This is what our elixirs with adaptogenic herbs like ashwaganda and maca are aimed at, which are known to help the body adapt to stress, both emotional and physical. A real cup of well-being!


Need to boost your energy level? A well-balanced combination offering a dose of caffeine or theine combined with energizing plants such as maca and mushroom extracts chosen to optimize vitality, for several hours. Are you ready?

Options for all tastes!

Since all tastes are in nature, we have chosen to offer the wonderful mushrooms as well as the precious medicinal plants with flavors that you know and love.


Elixirs made from organic and fair-trade instant coffee or a blend of roasted roots that taste like coffee, but without any caffeine. Treat yourself with the added bonus of physical and mental energy and vitality over a longer period of time!


What better way to indulge yourself than a delicious hot chocolate delicately enhanced with a hint of cardamom? Combined with extracts of mushrooms and medicinal plants, it becomes pure happiness!


The warmth of this extraordinary chai spice blend is comforting and energizing. Each of our Chaï has its own particularity: classic with black tea, special immunity with chaga and finally, golden milk made from turmeric, a tradition of Ayurvedic medicine. You'll never see chai the same way again!

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