Zero Waste

Zero Waste Program

1 – Caring for your bag

When you receive your resealable pouch, treasure it, so it can be reused many times.

2 – When opening your bag’s

Please use scissors to cut just under the heat seal on the top portion of the bag, as far above the zipper as possible. For bag’s to be able to be resealed well.

3 – Where to refill

Please reference our bulk refill Store locations near you.  Locations

4 – Refer a store near you

If you are in a location where there is not a place to find our elixirs in the bulk section 🙁 . Please reference us to your local store and please send us a email with the name of the store, So our elixirs can meet you there asap.

5 – Other options for bulk

We offer 1lb and 1kilo size options on our website store. (much cheaper than buying in small quantities).

Bulk orders/wholesale: No log in needed. Order over the 300$ minimum receives a -35% discount and free shipping.

6 – Damaged or broken bags

Please remove the product label and recycle the bag. Unfortunately, for now, the glue on the labels are not recyclable. But the bag is!

For Bulk Quantities:

Product recommended storage containers: sealable plastic pouches or bags, mason jars or other jars with an airtight seal. Add silica moisture pouch to keep humidity low.

*Note: If refilling our sealable pouch or using another container, *KEEP SEALED and airtight at all times. To preserve the quality and potency of the elixirs ingredients. If the elixir mix clumps from humidity, the mix can be re-powdered with a blender or used in clump form.

Our Zero Waste program is a way of taking direct action towards real solutions that affect our living earth and humanities pristine future. Encouraging the redesign of resource life cycles so that all bags are reused and recycled.

The goal is for a huge reduction of waste to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. The process recommended is one similar to the way that resources are reused in nature.