The Tribe

About us

Were an Inspired tribe of nature lovers collaborating to help spread high quality super herbal elixirs. Hand in hand we are weaving a cooperative eco-conscious business model that is caring for and empowering everyone along the way.


Julian Griffin
Born and grown in the lush nature of northern California, he grew up working on the local organic farm which planted a precious seed in him for the future. After high school he attended the San Francisco le cordon bleu culinary school and was training to become a fine dining chef in many 3 star restaurants in San Francisco and Seattle. This led him to the big island of Hawaii, Where he branched out from the resort kitchens to follow a deep dream to live on diverse permaculture homesteads and ecovillages around the sub-tropical island. For years he studied and worked in many permaculture and agroforestry nurseries and projects, and through these experiences and the many mentors along the way, he found his path and passion for Healing Plants and Mushrooms. There he met his first son Solay’s mother and returned with her to Quebec Canada in 2010. Presently he is living seasonally in the northern Appalachian mountains of Quebec, in an amazing tiny house on a permaculture garden sanctuary with his family, Solay, partner Sophie and there new born twins. In the winter season they migrate to south america and other tropical regions to explore the magical world.
William L'archevêque
Web Wizard
Lovely tall elf that spell magic incantation from the web of life
Benjamin Lavigne
Peacefull Warrior
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