About Us & Our story

Our vision

Is to gracefully revolutionize café culture by infusing Immune supportive herbal medicines into delicious superherbal elixirs. As well as to popularize ancestral herbal medicines through empowering educational media and delicious, consciously crafted herbal elixirs, that are easily integrated into every lifestyle flow.

Were an Inspired tribe of nature lovers collaborating to help spread high quality Super Herbal  Elixirs. Hand in hand we are weaving a cooperative eco-conscious business model that is caring for and empowering everyone along the way. We strive to be fully transparent about every aspect of our enterprise and organically adaptable. Our core values are aligned with permaculture principles: Care for the earth, Care for the people, fair share. Our mission is to be on the path to ZERO waste and were happy to upcycle 5%  Net Profits into funding our “Permaculture Program”.

About us

Permaculture fundraising

We are so grateful for every elixir purchase as it is bringing magical herbs and mushrooms into your life as well as it’s helping realize our Permaculture Sanctuary. 5% of Net Profit of every sale is upcycled to fund the establishment of our diverse multigenerational permaculture sanctuaries. Which helps diversify the local ecosystems with an abundance of novel genetics to help adapt to the changing climate and offers long term plant and fungi food/medicine security. Our living nursery gardens of Superherbs, Superfoods and Mushroom genetics are a living library to preserve, propagate and share. Offering seasonal ceremonies and educational workshops for many generations to learn and thrive in abundance. Our permaculture homestead is being co-created in the northern appalachian mountains of Quebec. As well as other locations most likely in South America, which will come in the near future.


Our Vibrant Superfoods, Super Herbs and Mushrooms are ALWAYS exclusively organic, fairly exchanged, sustainably wildcrafted, from eco-responsible land stewards world wide!  Our ingredients are lab tested for quality and potency. Our continuous mission is to weave a supportive alliance with sustainable and diverse farming communities. We strive to source from the Highest Quality, Integrity and Transparent companies and growers. Learn more …

~ Bulk zero waste refill locations

~ Refill your bag  at one of the wholesale locations and save bags,  shipping time and fees.

~ Order bulk (1lb or 1Kilo) and return your bag for a refill.

Zero Waste Program

Our Zero Waste program is a way of taking direct action towards real solutions that affect our living earth and humanities pristine future. Encouraging the redesign of resource life cycles so that all bags are reused and recycled. The goal is for a huge reduction of waste to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. The process recommended is one similar to the way that resources are reused in nature.