About Us & Our story

Our Vision

Is to offer Immune supportive herbs and elixirs, that support true wellness. So to grow stronger and more adaptive after each cup.

Our Values

We are a eco-conscious small family company. We deeply care for our Sacred Mother Earth and all of her creatures. At every step we mindfully navigate each decision with the highest integrity. We strive to be a solution based company that offers 100% organic ingreidents, zero waste bulk options, recyclable and minimal packaging and shipping material, minimal transportation etc.

On our permaculture homestead we sustainably cultivate and wild gather local herbal medicines, as well as hand craft instant elixirs and other herbal creations. Local food and Local herbal medicine.

The ingredients we are not able to grow or gather our selves, we source from highly integral companies supporting organic, Fairly traded & responsible wild crafting communities.

Event Offerings

~We offer a full café with hot & iced superfood and super herbal coffee, roots coffee, hot chocolates, masala chai. As well as we offer our products to buy in bag form and in bulk. (100% organic and eco freindly meterials.)

~ Herbal plant starts, Local fresh/dryed tonic herbs and herbal creations and micro green trays.

Transformational Festivals | Music Festivals | Holiday Markets | Weddings | Private Gatherings

Julian Patrick Griffin (Co-Founder & Present Caretaker)
Loving super papa, herbalist, permaculturist, rewilder, holistic personal Chef

Sophie Michaud (Co-Founder)
Holistic therapist & meditation devotee

Solay Solstice Griffin (Master Taster)
Empowered free spirit

William L’Archevêque
Super brilliant Web Master Angel