5% to Permaculture Program

Our Family Permaculture Sanctuary

We are so grateful for every elixir purchase as it is bringing magical herbs and mushrooms into your life as well as it’s helping realize our Permaculture Sanctuary.

5% to Permaculture Fund
To Permaculture Fund

5% of Net Profit of every sale is up-cycled to fund the establishment of our diverse Family Permaculture Sanctuary.

Why Permaculture ?

It helps diversify the local ecosystems with an abundance of novel plant and fungal genetics, which enhances the adaptation of our local ecosystem, to the changing climate and offers long term plant and fungi food/medicine security.

Garden with fountain in the distance
Permaculture Garden

Our living nursery gardens of Superherbs, Superfoods and Mushroom genetics are a living library to preserve, propagate and share. Offering seasonal ceremonies and educational workshops for many generations to learn and thrive in abundance. Our permaculture homestead is being co-created in the northern appalachian mountains of Quebec.

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